Athena Student Progression Tracking


We track the post-education journey of students for universities, colleges of further education and institutes of technology. This involves providing the institute with an annual report with an overview of where students are now. Metrics measured over time include:

  1. Percentages of students still in region

  2. Percentages of student still in country

  3. Breakdown of student’s current location

  4. Average/median salary of working students

  5. Percentage of students unemployed

  6. Percentage of students self-employed

  7. Percentage of students working in industry trained in

  8. Interesting student case studies

  9. Percentage of students in further education

  10. General attitude to college experience

  11. Position at work, e.g. graduate, mid-management etc

We also provide metrics comparing these statistics to anonymised, industry-wide benchmarks.

Please contact us at info@athena.ie for more information on this service.