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How schools are using the Athena Tracker to review Christmas 2019 results

January 21, 2020

The Athena Tracker is an academic tracking tool that predicts the potential of each student in each subject, based on the students own previous results and entrance exam results. In this way it alerts teachers and management to any dip a student has below their potential, in real time.

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Over 100 schools have purchased the Athena Tracker now and below describes the main way they are using it to review their Christmas 2019 results.


Year heads/Management:

Year heads and management can filter to find any students where all (or all but one or two) results were below expectation. This is, of course, a concern as it means a student has not reached their potential in all subjects and might require some intervention. Some schools have told us that making the student aware that they know they are suddenly not hitting their potential in all subjects, has been effective in itself. In this way, students know someone is keeping an eye on their progress and students are not getting missed in a very busy school system. 



Filtering by students who were below expectation in almost (<3 above expectation) all subjects:


After clickling on one of these students you will be taken to their dashboard. It is very clear at a glance that this student is below their potential in all subjects for this exam and this requires further investigation.




Teachers can review exam results of their subject and investigate all students who scored below their potenital. They can also compare the results to the student's target results. They can have a conversation where necessary with students to ensure they aware they have dipped below their own potential.


Filtering by those who were below expectation in a teachers subject (e.g. History):




Some frequently asked questions about the software

1. Where do the predictions come from?

We have over 60,000 students on the software. We have built a statistical model which predicts students results based on all of these student's past result. What this means is that students each prediction represents what students with similar previous results got. 


2. Can teachers see all results of all students?

Teachers can only see the students that they teach in the subjects that they teach them, and all previous results in that subject. For example, if a teacher has a fifth year geography class, they will be able to see all of the geography results from fifth year but also all other years.


3. If a results are already uploaded to the admin system do teachers need to upload them again?


No, once they are uploaded, they just need to be downloaded and uploaded to the Tracker by one person in the school.


4. Does it take long to get set up?

It takes a couple of hours for the entire school to be set up to use the software. With this all teachers are set up as users and all students' previous exam results are uploaded.



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