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Only 11% of All-Boys Secondary Schools offer Home Economics as a Junior Certificate Subject

October 30, 2018

A few weeks ago after much "google-ing" we discovered that only 14% of all-girls schools offered Technical Graphics as a Junior Certificate subject versus 82% of all-boys schools. We published this blog and one of the main question asked was "What are the equivalent figures for Home Economics?". And so we went back to Google. This information was available online for approximately 77% of schools. The results certainly provide food for thought.


In 2018, only 12% of male students opted to do Home Economics in the Junior Certificate versus 61% of female students. 


Our investigation revealed that only 11% of all-boys schools offered Home Economics as a Junior Certificate option versus a whooping 100% of all-grils schools.



Some information which we may be missing which was pointed out by @johndhodonoghue on Twttter "Some towns have great collaborations between single sex schools to share subjects...". We are not sure whether this is reflected on schools' websites.


Our blog on percentages offering Technical Graphics as a Junior Certificate subejct can be found here.


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