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How important is the Leaving Certificate?

June 5, 2018

Last week we sent out a survey aimed at people who have previously completed the Leaving Certificate. We asked a number of questions regarding people's feelings about their own Leaving Certificate. We also asked for people's age, to see if any of these results depended on age. We had 192 responses.


Leaving Certificate results on your CV

The only response which was related to age was whether or not people had their Leaving Certificate results on their CV. Here are the results:


From age 23 onwards, over 70% of people said they no longer had their Leaving Certificate results on their CV and by 38 no respondent had their results on their CV.


Leaving Certificate study regrets


If the people surveyed were to go back and do their Leaving Certificate again, 53% of them would study the same amount or less, while 47% would study more.


Leaving Certificate effect on life


Results here were split evenly in terms of the effect the Leaving Certificate had had on people's lives. 45% of respondents said it had affected their lives either "not at all" or "moderately", while 48% of respondents said it affected their lives either "significantly" or "very significantly". We did not ask whether this had been a positive or negative effect.



Remembering Leaving Certificate points

Most people (94%) could either remember the number of Leaving Certificate points they or had an idea. The age range of people who had forgotten their Leaving Certificate results went from 18 to 62.




It is likely there are many other factors which influence the role played by the Leaving Certificate in people's lives. For example, the industry someone works in is likely to have a very big affect on all of these questions.



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