Athena DEIS Reports


We provide Leaving and Junior Certificate Analysis versus national results each year. One request we received from several schools in 2017 was to provide a comparison for DEIS schools to other DEIS schools nationwide. As a result, we have run a project in 2017, 2018 and 2019 where we collect Junior and Leaving Certificate results from over 50% of DEIS schools nationwide. We collate these results into a report and overall statistics are shared with all schools who participate free of charge. In 2019, approximately 70% of DEIS schools took part in this analysis.

School's can also opt to receive an individual Leaving and/or Junior Cert reports. These reports compare all the statistics of the overall report to your individual school. There is a cost for these reports. 

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Data Protection/School Privacy

In our analysis, we did not record any student information. If student numbers or names are sent through to us they are not recorded and the originals are destroyed once grades have been recorded. In any overall statistics reported, no details about specific schools participated are shared, without specifically receiving consent from that school.