Athena Tracker Workshops 


​We are running workshops on the Athena Tracker. If you wish to sign up, please do so here. Here is some further detail about the workshops:​

  • The workshops will be limited to five schools. Places at this workshop will be given on a first come first served basis.

  • The cost for a school to attend is €150 (VAT included) but this will be taken away from the cost of the Athena Tracker if you sign up for it.

  • Up to three people per school can attend.

  • We will do a free one-day workshop for staff of any schools that sign up for the Athena Tracker from these workshops.  

  • At this workshop, we will get your school and all of your data set up on the Athena Tracker - following on from this, all of your teachers in the school will be able to log on and use the Athena Tracker and all required information will be on the Tracker. 

  • The workshop will last about 4 hours, 9am to 1pm (coffee break included). We will be available at each venue until 3pm to discuss any follow up questions.

  • After the workshop, you can use the Athena Tracker for two weeks as a free trial. You will then need to decide whether you would like to purchase it. If you purchase it, we will take the cost of the workshop off the cost of the subscription.

  • Details of venues of workshops can be found in the below form. 

  • Staff that we recommend attending are teachers with a post in academic tracking, principals and deputy principals and adminstrative staff.