Athena Tracker

The Athena Tracker is a web-based software which tracks exam results of students from their entrance exam results right through to their Leaving Certificate results. The main difference between this and other tools is that each result is classified as either improving, in line with expectations or below expectations, based on the students own previous results. In reviewing results in this way, a student’s chance at achieving their own potential is maximised.

We are currently holding workshops for schools on the Athena Tracker, for more information on the workshops, see homepage. 

Key benefits of the Athena Tracker include:

  • Ability to monitor how each student is progressing in terms of their own potential

  • Gradebook for teachers - place for teachers to store students in-class test results in a way that is GDPR compliant

  • Schools can ensure they are adding value to students academic results

  • Schools can recognise when students are working hard and improving on previous results, even if these students are not receiving top grades

  • You can set a target for each student for each subject and also see how they track against that

Key considerations we have made in creating the Athena Tracker:

  • Easy to set up - takes approximately 30 minutes to set up the entire school, including previous results

  • Easy to update with new exam results - Takes 1 minute to transfer entire set of school results from administrative systems to the Athena Tracker

  • GDPR compliant

  • Easy to interpret - although the predicted results for each student for each subject is based on a statistical model which takes into account large volumes of previous data we have made sure these results are easy to interpret quickly