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Athena Reports

Leaving and Junior Certificate Analysis

Our Athena Reports provide schools with an overview of their schools Junior and Leaving Certificate results versus results nationwide. Nearly 300 schools have availed of this service.


Given the current circumstances, many schools are asking for past Junior and Leaving Certificate reports.

For past Junior Certificate reports, you can get a year on year report from 2017 backwards, to see how this group compares with previous groups.  

For Leaving Certificate reports, you can sign up for year on year analysis from 2019 backwards to give you a sense of what the trend is in your school.


If you wish to sign up for either of these reports, please complete this form




DEIS schools/Gaelcholáistí

We also do reports specific to DEIS schools and Gaelcholáistí. For both of these cohorts we gather as many results as possible from the relevant schools. For free, we then provide reports back to participating schools which analyses the overall results of that cohort. These free reports do not include analysis of your individual school. DEIS schools and Gaelcholáistí can also buy individual reports, which will include statistics on their own cohort, as well as national statistics. More details on DEIS analysis can be found here. More details on Gaecholáistí can be found here.